About Us

Spending the next few weeks developing a website that makes sense!  Sit down, have a glass of wine.....I'll have it sorted presently! The proprietor, Ms. Kimberly Henderson, has actively worked on restoring and converting this unique space, into lodging and and a small event space. The area abounds in birding and hiking opportunities, desert flora and fauna, and a history which includes Billy the Kid, the Coronado Expedition and early to present gold and copper mining.  Guests may catch catfish a short walk away or hike or four wheel up the San Francisco River. The famously curving Highway 191 is a bucket list item on many a biker's and bicyclist's checklist; Kimmy can pack a breakfast to eat on up the trail! Mostly, Blue Door Sanctuary is just that: a sanctuary. Come with just a toothbrush and book. Relax to spectacular views. Leisurely trace the bighorn sheep working their way up a cliff. Have a little glass of vino or iced tea....   Relax......... bluedoorsanctuary@gmail.com Additional information:kimmy-flowers Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BlueDoorSanctuary/ Google Street View ( 2008 ): https://goo.gl/maps/Stt8vUnUdYs Business Association: http://visitcliftonaz.com/what-to-see/sanctuary/